Print or send booking document

There are two ways to print or send a booking document:
  • You can click on the menu item Generate document from within a specific booking

  • From the list of customer bookings you can select one or more of them and click on the Recap button (and a single document will be generated)

The print or send screen is divided into two parts.

On the right you can see the preview of the document, updated according to the language and settings selected in the left part.

First let's see the fields on the left side in order:

1. Action - You can select an action between print and send

2. Language - You can specify the language of the document, which will influence the text of the document itself, and the subject of the email suggested by Sengerio (see below).

In the case of sending the email there are also other fields:

1. Sender - The sender of the email can be chosen from among those that Sengerio suggests automatically or can be entered manually.

In both cases Sengerio will remember the choice the next time a booking is sent.

The suggested values are the name and e-mail recorded on your user data and, if present, names and e-mails recorded on the data of the account or sub-account selected for the specific booking.

It is important to know that the sender must be written in the form name <email> and that you can also modify only one of the two parts individually.

2. Recipient - The recipient of the email can be chosen from among those that Sengerio suggests to you automatically or it can be entered manually (even more than one).

The suggested values are related to the customer's name and email of the booking, and to the contacts registered on that customer.

Alternatively, you can also specify an email address manually.

3. Cc and Bcc - These fields are visible once pressed on the corresponding label just below the email subject field.

If shown, they follow the same logic as the recipient field.

4. Subject - The subject of the email is automatically suggested to you by Sengerio based on the bookings you are sending and the selected language, but you can change it at any time.

5. Canned emails
- By pressing on the corresponding label you can choose one of the canned emails that you have registered for the selected language, and its text will fill the body of the email.

To define a default email for a certain language, after selecting that language, press on the label and finally on the pencil.

In the window that appears you can edit, add or delete any predefined email (relating to the booking and the selected language).

6. Body - This is nothing but the text of the email that will be sent.

7. Additional options - You have various options available (these also in the case of printing) to decide what to show or not to show in the document (click on Show more to see them all).

In particular, removing the flag Email with a link to the document on the right will automatically become the text of the email that will be sent to the customer.

Normally, however, within the email, there is a link to the file.

Sengerio allows you to customise many details in your document templates.

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about document templates.

To review the printed or sent documents of a booking, open that booking and click on Generated documents in the burger menu.
Keep in mind that for each booking you will be able to view up to a maximum of 100 documents, the oldest ones will not be visible.

For each document you can see whether it was printed or sent by email, and you can reopen each document at any time.

Furthermore, in the case of email, the text of the email sent is shown and you can follow the events (such as the moment of delivery or opening of the email), by clicking on the rectangle with the three dots.
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