Latest updates 2023
The latest updates, released in 2023, introduce new functions for mass printing of invoices, mass on hand entry, and checking the availability of vehicles and drivers by date and time of service.

Bulk printing of invoices
For mass printing, select the invoices to be printed from the list and then from the hamburger menu choose Bulk printing.

Mass on hand entry
Once an arrangement has been entered for a single human resource, it can be repeated for all days and with the possibility of excluding certain days of the week. The function helps to quickly set up non-driving shifts for staff by clicking on the Repeat item in the burger menu of the form of the On hand to be repeated.

Checking availability of vehicles/drivers
The new function is useful for checking the availability of resources before confirming a trip. From the Scheduler menu click on Check Availability and enter the start and end of the service.
Winter 2023 Updates
In recent months, many updates have been released for Sengerio to take advantage of all opportunities for innovation. We're talking about the rest and driving time control algorithm, the customizable form for quote requests, the electronic signature for documents, and the new Sengerio Analysis app.

Rest and driving time control
The driver scheduler has been enriched with the rest and driving time control algorithm. To start using it, select a two-week period starting from Monday and then click on the driver's name to get the control report.

Custom form for quote requests
The new Sengerio form for quote requests can be graphically customized to create a company website page for customer requests. All quote requests will be directly available on Sengerio, significantly reducing response times.

Electronic signature for documents
The electronic signature allows you to generate a quote document with a request for an electronic signature to formalize customer confirmation. The document signed by the customer as acceptance is automatically uploaded to Sengerio and attached to the quote.

Sengerio Analysis
Sengerio Analysis is a data visualization tool designed to simplify data exploration and analysis using customized charts and reports. It offers a wide range of options for creating these charts and reports, allowing users to understand their data and gain insights effectively.
Update of subscription conditions.


Starting from 01/03/2023 the following subscription conditions will come into effect:

- the limit of two drivers per vehicle will be removed, so the number of drivers allowed by the subscription becomes unlimited;

- for confirmed bookings with unassigned vehicle after the departure of the trip, the rate of 0.05 Eur per hour of service duration will be applied for Sengerio Premium Smart and Classic licenses, while the rate of 0.07 Eur per hour of service duration will be applied for Sengerio Premium Full license. Tariffs for currencies other than the Eur are available in the Sengerio Premium license details. The maximum daily limit of 12 hours applies to the duration of the single non-covered vehicle duty. The new rate will be discounted by 50% until 03/31/2024.

In addition, to facilitate the assignment of services to outside companies, reservations with more than one vehicle shift can also be assigned with the latest version of Sengerio.

The subscription adjustment was also driven by the current global inflationary conditions and to make the provision of Sengerio services sustainable in the long term. We are committed daily to furthering our mission of providing customers with best-in-class services and experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email and I will be happy to help!

Best regards
Michele Zaccaria
CEO Sengerio Srl
Autumn 2022 version released
The latest version of Sengerio introduced the new vehicle Tracking app and the innovative Sengerio subscription management.

Tracking App
All-in-one management and tracking platform to know where your vehicles are being tracked at all times. Soon it will be possible to share the location of the vehicle with your customer who is waiting for its arrival.

Sengerio subscription management
The new solution is super flexible and allows you to pay only for the software services you actually use eliminating waste and saving you money!

Charter services trading
With the new version you can receive / request online quotes from your business partners, assign bookings with many duties, manage invoicing and receive / make payments online.
Mobile agenda and quick removal.
Here is a quick update on the latest Sengerio features released in these days.

Compact Agenda "Mobile friendly"
The Compact Version of the Agenda most suitable for mobile use has been released. You can easily scroll through all services and easily assign or remove vehicles and drivers. You always have all the power of the agenda but in a version optimized for all devices.
To switch from Normal to Compact mode click on the link next to the calendar.
One tip, on your phone use the compact agenda from the All-in-One app and you'll have the best usability.

Quick removal of resources
To remove a vehicle or driver assigned to the service, click directly on the name of the resource and you will have the new choice to remove or replace the vehicle or the driver with a single click. Do more with fewer clicks!

Equipment for drivers
The driver card has been improved with the addition of the deadline alert also for eligibility and the attached files. In addition, the section for registering the equipment of the uniform, credit card, telephone, tablet, etc. has been added.
Finally, the activation flow of the Driver app has been improved, allowing greater flexibility also in deactivating and reactivating.
Summer 2022 version released
With the new version of the software, the vehicle and driver assignment features have been improved to drastically reduce the number of clicks and time needed to cover services, increasing the speed of calculating available resources and making the user interface much more intuitive.

With the Assign item on the schedule line, you get the list of available resources and with a further click on the resource, the service is already covered.

With the right button on the shift, you can open the Summary for an overview of all useful information for scheduling purposes.

If a vehicle shift belongs to a service that has many vehicle shifts, the shift is marked with a "+" sign and allows all other duties also to be shown with one click to choose resources based on the complete overview. The same applies to drivers.

The display of partially available resources has been introduced. This means that when selecting a sequence of shifts to be covered, the resources available only partially to the coverage of the sequence of shifts are also shown, with the corresponding detail of partial availability.

For drivers who are enabled to use Sengerio Driver, an option has been added to receive notifications of shift assignments directly on Telegram.

Finally, has been introduced the Beta version of automatic assignment, which will completely change the daily work of the operative. The function is based on mathematical algorithms that optimize the allocation of resources. With one click you can assign and optimize dozens of duties in seconds, eliminating hours and hours of work!
Version Released Spring 2022
The new version of the software introduces multilingual support and automatic trip reminder for the passenger.

The multilingual function of Sengerio lets you translate documents, trip notifications, the quote request form from the website, and the Sengerio Driver application quickly and easily into all the languages you need.

Here is the list of documents that you can automatically translate:
  • Quote
  • Booking
  • Operating
  • Invoicing
  • Statement
  • Credit note
  • Scheduler

The website quotation request form is improved and with the introduction of translation you have the possibility to improve the user experience for your site visitors and attract more quote requests.

Also, the Sengerio Driver app has been upgraded with the multilingual support, letting you make it available to drivers in the local language.

Another important change is the reminder for the passenger automatically sent from Sengerio via SMS 24 hours before departure. To set the reminder, you must select “Pick up to be notified” type in the trip and enable the Twilio platform to send the SMS.
Winter 2022 version released

The new version of the software simplifies the insertion of the trip route, rate tables and collaboration with customers.

It often happens that you have to enter many bookings with the same route and the best solution has always been the duplication of the bookings, but now there is a new tool in the toolbox of Sengerio to speed up the daily work, the "Section Template". From the insertion menu of a new section, you can choose to insert a preset route with one click!

We have simplified the association of expenses to a city, a useful function for parking or entrance tickets in particular areas. Now it's enough to add in the expense row data the name of the city which will represent the keyword to filter the expenses when applying the new link "Expenses by city". The previous configuration of geographic areas on expense rows will no longer be supported.

Rate tables supplements are now applied with greater granularity. Whereas previously the surcharge was only applied if the trip started in the surcharge time slot, now the surcharge is applied for the duration of the trip that overlaps the surcharge time slot, even if the trip starts before the surcharge start time.

With the new Rate table for costs function, the previous management that allowed to put the price and the cost in the same tariff is replaced but enhanced. Now there are two separate rate tables, one for sales Prices and one for production or procurement Costs.

The credit note cancellation is directly reflected in the invoiced trips so they can be re-invoiced if needed without the need to add a manual cancellation first.

Finally, with the new version of the Sengerio Procure app, the carrier can connect via Sengerio with its customers who request services most frequently. Customers, from their Sengerio account, can make quote requests, bookings, payments, get trip operational information and configure supplier pricing.
Series creation for 2022
We remind you that if you have chosen to use a customized series for quotations, bookings, invoices and credit notes, it is necessary to configure the personalized series also for the new year.
This guide will make it easier for you Manage numerical series
Autumn 2021 version released
New software version released to unleash the full potential of Sengerio invoicing!

The first new item is that you can issue an invoice even before the trip confirmation, based on the quotation. For example, you can issue a PRO FORMA invoice for a quotation with the request for payment with a credit card; when you receive the customer’s payment, you change the PRO FORMA into a tax invoice, confirm the trip and at that point, you can send the customer the booking confirmation together with the invoice. An excellent transportation service starts before the trip!

The new layout of the invoice document brings a wave of freshness and makes it very readable.

There are no longer restrictions on the number of invoices that you can issue for a trip. The only condition is that the trip must be not yet invoiced or partially invoiced.

The new criterion that defines the status of invoicing of a trip is the comparison between the net amount of the trip and the net amount invoiced, determined from the sum of the invoices issued for the trip. A trip will be completely invoiced if the net invoiced amount is equal to or greater than that of the trip.

A trip completely invoiced can be modified by adding, for example, a supplement for an extra service with respect to that estimated, and at this point the status of the invoicing of the trip changes to Partially invoiced to allow the issue of a new invoice balance.

The references of the invoices issued for the trip and relative payment status are clearly visible in the travel form. The same applies to the suppliers’ invoices registered for the trip and for the new sub-contractor Customer invoices.

For the trips outside the country that require the invoice with the criterion of the territory, the territorial distribution is defined directly as a new price of the type Abroad.

Registration of the supplier invoice was simplified, eliminating groupings.

The limit that did not allow duplication of an invoice connected to a trip has been outmoded. Now you can duplicate and issue a new invoice for the same trip but on the condition that it is partially invoiced.

The new registration function of the cancellation of the invoicing on the trip allows you to re-invoice a trip for which a credit note was issued.

And you will discover many other interesting details using Sengerio’s new invoicing!

P.S. The migration to the new criterion for the definition of the invoicing status applies to the existing database. A trip invoiced for an amount less than the trip assumes the status of “Partially invoiced” instead of “Invoiced” as happened previously.

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