New feature
Share Files with the Team!
Sengerio’s bulletin board provides a virtual space ☕  for sharing information with the entire team. In addition to messages, now we have added the section to share files!

For example, you can share files that contain shift information with drivers and even pickup signs that have the names of the clients who frequently book.
You can also choose to upload shared files while keeping them invisible to drivers.
Advanced Filters and Multisort
Sengerio’s latest updates offer 💪 enhanced features for filtering information within lists thanks to the new advanced search tools.

🕵️‍♂️ Now you can manage the information of your lists with more flexibility!

The new version of filters is easier to use also on tablets, and allows you to carry out advanced searches, such as excluding a certain value. For example, you can decide to select all the booking of a specific day while excluding those of a specific customer.

In addition, you can choose to order the list information by selecting up to three columns and their respective priority. For example, you can choose to order the invoices like so; the client, the document date, and the invoice number.
Link bookings and Payments
With the Connect function located within each booking, you can link two or more bookings.

You can use this function for several reasons, such as when you need to divide🪓 a booking in two in order to assign one to Supplier A 🚐 and the other to Supplier B 🚌.

Alternatively, if you have a booking for 80 passengers and you want to offer a service with a 50 seater vehicle and another 30 seater vehicle, divide the booking in two and then use the Connect function to link them together.

Or you could simply be the official supplier of a huge event with lots of vehicles for a variety of services and want to link all your bookings together for the event!
For the rest, let your imagination run wild!

💵 We have a lot of new developments coming your way with regards to online payments. In the meantime, take note that the function to register payments and the Driver collection notice has been moved from the booking to the invoice. Therefore, all payments can only be recorded in the invoice, but the invoice payment status is still shown in the booking.

This means that it will be necessary to issue an invoice, even a pro forma invoice, in order to notify the driver to collect payments from the client. The driver is still notified as usual via the Driver App or in the Travel document.

Sengerio has become several thematic Apps!
Presenting Sengerio’s latest upgrade: the single thematic Apps.

As Denis says, we’re like the sea... 😀😀 In constant movement!

Who is Denis? A loyal user and supporter of the great Sengerio family.

But let's get to the point: in addition to the traditional platform, which we have renamed Sengerio All-in-One, we now have developed a collection of 6 Apps with the same functions but subdivided by themes.

The aim of this project is to speed up the daily use of our software. By opening each App simultaneously in a separate tab within your browser, it reduces the number of clicks thanks to the absence of sub-menus.

If you love a screen with minimal menu items then try the new Apps and let us know! But if you don't want to change, you can find your Sengerio in the All-in-One version.
Route simpler and flexible!

The Route grid has been simplified by replacing the grid with a fresh new layout.

We inserted a graphic to clarify the sections of a route. Moreover, it is no longer required to enter the type of route point. Sengerio automatically recognises all the route points as the Pick-up but the final route point as the Drop-off.
In addition, you don’t have to enter the date for intermediate route points anymore. You can simply insert the date for the initial route point and the last of each section.

QuickBooks Online & Sengerio

Integration with QuickBooks Online (only for US and UK Companies).

Manage your Customers and Invoices in Sengerio and see your data reflected on QuickBooks Online immediately. Once you have configured the integration, you will not need to sync data manually anymore between the two systems. 

Go see the new articles in the Knowledge Base to have an overview of the integration link.sengerio.com/quickbooks-online-integration

Sengerio SUPPORT | 2021