Read the supplier turnover graph

This is an example of a graph related to the Volume for a supplier.

Every column of the grid below the graph has a precise meaning. Obviously, all of the data are relative to the selected time period.

  • Supplier
    The supplier to whom the shown data refers in a certain row

  • Total percentage
    Shows a supplier's percentage in respect to the overall percentage of that specific time period.

  • Bookings turnover
    The sum of the values from the Total (of the Costs tab) of all of the bookings (total net of the vehicle price.)

If a booking (or more than one) overlaps the selected period, it is divided proportional to its duration, and the Total is taken from the time that falls within the period.

  • Bookings number
    Shows the number of the booking assigned to this supplier.
    If a booking falls completely within this period or overlaps it, it makes no difference for the count.

  • Bookings average
    The average value obtained from the Booking volume divided by the Booking number.

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