Use document templates
You can use the templates in both booking confirmation and quotations documents.
Open a booking or quotation form, click on the burger menu and select "Generate document".

In the document window you can select the document template you want to work with from the top left.
Initially, you will have the Default template available.

Each template allows you to customise the header, introduction and greeting fields inside the document.
Specifically, you can write what you want and use formatting tools to style the text or add images and links.

In order, from the left, you can:
  • Choose the font format
  • Add bold, italic or underlined text
  • Colour the text
  • Create lists and align text
  • Remove any formatting
  • Add an image (no larger than 150 KB)
  • Add a custom link

To save changes made to a template remember to press the save button at the top.

If you want to create a new template, select a starting template and in the burger menu click on "Create a copy".

Choose the title of the new template and the language that the document created with that template should have.
You can consult the guide about document translation. 

If you want to modify the current template, click on "Edit property" and specify the new title and/or language.

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