Manage the prices in the booking

Click on the Road icon on the main menu and select Bookings

To manage the prices, access the Prices tab inside a specific booking.

Here you can find all the fields related to the calculation of the total price.

When you change any field, the price is recalculated automatically. Including the discount and tax fields.

This is applicable also for the total price, which can either be calculated automatically or manually. You can apply a calculated price using the rate table.

Click on Show rate table to see the calculation rules and the details of the amounts.

Click Apply to set the prices defined by the rate table and overwrite any changes.

You can choose whether to calculate the price per Vehicle, Passenger, or Daily tariff using the corresponding options. To do this, click on the specific description of the booking and you are presented with a drop-down menu with the three categories: Vehicle with Driver, Price per Passenger, and Daily Price. You must select which metric your price must be based on to calculate the total price.

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