Take advantage of trip notifications
Trip notifications are divided into two types, those to the passenger and those to the customer.

Passenger notifications
First of all it is necessary to set up the integration with Twilio since the notifications to the passenger are made via SMS.
It is also necessary to specify the name of the passenger/group leader and the phone number (with international prefix).

When the driver in the Sengerio Driver app clicks on Ready for Pickup, a message will be sent to the specified number to alert the passenger.
The text of the message is set by Default like this:

You can change the message text at any time via the translation management of the Trip Notification component.

You can also add the translation of this message and other notifications to follow in as many languages as you need.
In the case of the passenger, the language in which the message will be sent is taken from the international area code.

Another notification that can be sent to the passenger is the one that warns him/her 24 hours before departure with the following message:

In order for this message to be sent, it is sufficient to mark in the route of the trip a point with the type "Pickup to be notified" whose time will be used as reference for the time of sending.

Customer Notifications
Notifications to the customer are sent by email to the address specified in the Contact listed on the trip, under the Customer field.

The language of the email text is the one indicated in the customer data or, if not specified, the language of your account.

The notifications sent to the customer are those related to Pickup, Release and No show, sent the moment the driver presses the corresponding button for trip tracking on the Sengerio Driver app.

All notifications sent to the passenger or customer are visible at any time within the trip in the Operations tab.

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