Manage quotation requests

Click on the road icon in the main menu and then on Quotation requests.

The number in the red circle indicates how many quotation requests still need to be managed. If there aren't any, the number does not appear.

Here you can see the full list of your quotation requests.

To set up a link on your website follow this guide.

Below there is the detail of a request, that you can see simply by clicking on any row in the list.

Following the details, if the request is still pending, you will see two buttons.

Click on Ignore to ignore this request.

Click on Quote to open a new quotation with all of the data already entered.

Sengerio will automatically choose the customer based on the email used for the request. If there is no customer registered with that email, you will be asked to create a new one, but you will be able to select any customer in your records.

Remember that if the customer has indicated a point without selecting one of your Places, that point will be visible in the route points, under the 'Instructions' column.

You will have to fill in the information by choosing one of your Places or by adding a new one.

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