Create a line and its journeys

To create a line click on the + button from the lines list.

Specify the customer, the travel type, and the name of the line you are creating.

Then click on the save button to complete the creation.

Once you create a new line, you must create at least one template for the line's journeys. This template is used to automatically generate a given set of journeys for this specific line and future modifications to its templates.
To create a template, click the + button at the bottom of the Journey tab. This opens the template window.

Here, you must specify the vehicle type for the journeys, the name of the journey and the frequency during the week.

In addition, you must insert a route whilst specifying only the times and not the dates.
It is possible to create journeys lasting several days, specifying for each point of the route, to which day it belongs, up to five days. By default, each point belongs to the first day.

The passenger list is optional.

Once this is completed, click continue and save.

The next step is journey planning.

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