Create an advance invoice

Create the Advance Invoice to collect a deposit on the booking.

To issue the advance invoice for a single booking, open the booking you wish to invoice and click on the  Invoice menu item.

To issue a new advance invoice for multiple bookings, open the bookings list and select the lines you want to include in the advance invoice.

Then open the menu and click on Invoice.

For each booking selected an invoice line will be generated with the unit price, equal to the price set on the individual bookings.

Change the line to invoice part of the amount.

If you need help consult the guide on Create an invoice.
Complete missing data and save.

Keep in mind that for each booking it is possible to create as many invoices as you want, therefore you can also create more than one invoice in advance.

You can see the list of invoices of bookings by clicking on the blue arrow in the field Invoicing.

Remember that when you issue an invoice for a booking that has already been invoiced, the system will add to rows to the invoice with a negative amount equal to that of the invoice already issued.

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