Insert a note in a quotation

Click on the Road icon in the main menu and select Quotations. Open up the quotation in which you would like to insert a note.

To insert a note, click on the Note button that you can find in the Route tab in the quotation.

Write your desired message in the text area. You can use the special tags to edit the format by clicking on the button with the letter A.
To insert a link you directly use the special tags, or you can click on the button with the chain icon and create a link in a simplified way.

You can also create recurrent Notes for future quotations. To do this, you must click on the box icon and then click the pencil at the bottom left of the tab. From here, you are presented with the default notes window. By clicking on the +, you can create default notes. To apply a default note to a quotation, simply click on the box icon and select your desired recurrent note.

Specify with whom you want to share this note through the Share button, choosing one or more items from those in the list.

All created notes are stored in a list in the Route tab, indicated by the paragraph icon.

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