Dispatch - Manage the operational communications

Select dispatch from the calendar icon in the main menu.

Choose one of the options at the top to print or send human resources sheets or supplier sheets.

You can change the selected date with the arrows or the calendar in the same way as in the agenda.

Select those that interest you and select the option you want from Send or Print.

The screen is divided into two parts: on the left, you can specify the Language and whether or not to show some fields (this differs depending on whether the recipient is a driver or a  supplier).

On the right side, you can see a preview of the document.

When sending an email, the TO field automatically takes the email address specified in the registration of each driver or supplier, showing the names.

To control the status of a Dispatch, check the column Dispatched.

The empty field means that this dispatch has never been done. If it contains a date and a blue megaphone icon, it indicates that the dispatch was made on that date. The orange megaphone is like the previous one but specifies that from that date, the hire duty has been changed and the changes have not been communicated.

To review the printed or sent documents for a duty covered by a human resource or a supplier, click on the sent date in the Generated column.
Keep in mind that for each duty you will be able to view up to a maximum of 100 documents, the oldest ones will not be visible.

For each document you can see whether it was printed or sent by email, and you can reopen each document at any time.

Furthermore, in the case of email, the text of the email sent is shown and you can follow the events (such as the moment of delivery or opening of the email), by clicking on the rectangle with the three dots.

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