Verify trip invoicing
Click on the Road icon in the main menu and select Bookings. Open a specific booking.

You can see the status of the invoices and payment in the fields Invoicing and Invoiced payment.

The criterion that defines the invoicing status of a trip is the difference between the net amount of the trip and the net invoiced for that trip described in the invoice rows. Therefore a trip is completely invoiced if the net amount of the invoice rows related to the trip is equal to or greater than net amount of the trip.

Remember that the amount of trip can be distributed over more invoices, for example when you issue an advance invoice or one or more pro forma invoices.

In the Invoicing field, you can see four different values:
  • Not invoiced: when the trip has not been invoiced.
  • Partially invoiced: when the trip was invoiced but the net amount was not completely covered by the invoice issued.
  • Invoiced: when the whole amount of the trip was invoiced.
  • Invoicing closed: when it was decided that the trip would not be invoiced.

The Invoiced payment field changes its value based the status of the payment of all the invoices related to the trip. Below you see the values Not paid, Partially paid and Paid.

Click on the blue arrow to open the details of the invoice.

A completely invoiced trip can be modified by adding, for example, a surcharge for an extra hourly commitment with respect to the agreement, and at this point the state of the invoicing of the trip turns into Partially invoiced to allow the issue of a new invoice and balance.

When the trip is Partially invoiced, open the detail and click on the Invoice residual button to quickly issue an invoice with the remaining amount.

In the same way, you can see the status of the invoicing to the supplier or to the customer of the subcontract.

Go to the Costs tab and click on the blue arrow in the Supplier invoicing or Subcontract customer invoicing fields.

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