Assign, edit and cancel a booking to a supplier
To assign a booking to a supplier you can make a request for a quotation and then accept his quotation (see the guide Request a quotation from suppliers).

Alternatively you can assign the supplier directly from the booking, by accessing the Operational tab and clicking on Assign next to the vehicle code.

In the vehicles availability window that opens, choose a supplier form the list with a click on it.

For more detailed guidance on assigning directly to supplier you can follow the guide Assign and remove a trip to a supplier 

The moment you assign a booking to a connected supplier, that supplier receives an email and a message within Sengerio with the subject line Request to book.

Clicking on the message opens the booking received with the option to accept or refuse it, from the appropriate buttons in the conversation on the right.

If the supplier clicks Accept instead, the booking is confirmed, and you receive a message with the subject Booking accepted.

If the supplier clicks on Refuse, the booking on their side is canceled.
You receive a message with the subject line Booking refused, and that supplier will no longer be assigned to that booking.

From the moment the supplier accepts the booking you can still make changes to the trip details if necessary.
Each time you do this a Booking updated message is sent to the supplier who can accept the changes or reject them. The message is displayed as Pending until the supplier decides what to do.

Rejection causes the booking to be cancelled and the assignment removed, while acceptance causes the changes to be applied to the trip displayed by the supplier.
In both cases you are notified of the decision with a special message.

Should you decide that that trip should no longer be performed by that supplier, simply remove the assignment.
Sengerio automatically sends a message with the subject line Booking cancelled to your supplier so that they know about your decision.

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