Assign and remove a trip to a supplier

Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on Agenda or Vehicle Scheduler, or open the booking you want to work on.

There are two ways to assign a booking to a supplier:
  • From the Operative tab, click Assign next to the vehicle code.

  • From the Agenda or the Vehicle Scheduler, click on Assign in Vehicle column.

In either case in the Vehicles Availability window that opens, select the Suppliers option and choose one from the list by clicking on it.
Suppliers with the chain symbol on the left are those connected to your Sengerio network.

To assign the reservation to a supplier-associated vehicle instead, in the Vehicles Availability window select the Vehicles option and choose a supplier's vehicle from the list
Alternatively, on the Vehicle Scheduler you can drag the duty onto the timeline corresponding to the supplier's vehicle.

On the Vehicle Scheduler you will be able to see the duties assigned to a supplier's vehicle either graphically with the segment at the top or by clicking on the Assigned to Suppliers button.
In the case of bookings assigned directly to a supplier, however, you will only be able to take advantage of the second option and will not see any segments.

If your supplier has a Sengerio account and you are logged in, you can view the status of the assignment by looking at the color of the supplier's name and the icon to its left.

If the name is in light blue and the icon is the sharing icon, it means that the assignment has yet to be shared with that supplier. In this condition your supplier is not aware of the assignment nor of any changes you implement on it.

If the name is in yellow, it means that the assignment has been shared but not yet accepted (or rejected). Also if you make changes in the booking after it has been accepted, the supplier will need to acknowledge receipt of the changes.

If the name is black it means that the supplier is not connected, or he  is connected and has accepted the assignment.

From the booking operative tab you can at any time change the assignment by simply clicking on the supplier's name, or you can remove the assignment by clicking on the x icon to its right.
From the agenda or vehicle scheduler you can press on the supplier's name and select the action you are interested in choosing between removal or replacement.

When working with suppliers connected through Sengerio, in the Operative tab of the booking you can also see the resources assigned by the supplier (drivers and vehicles).

  • Assigning a supplier to a booking with multiple duties
In the case of a booking with multiple duties there are some small things to keep in mind in order to make the assignment to supplier (or to a supplier's vehicle).

Regarding the assignment, whether you are on the booking operative tab, the agenda, or the vehicle scheduler you need to press on the + icon next to Assign.

In the window that opens, containing all the duties, you must select them all and press Assign Vehicle, after which you proceed as usual.

Similarly, to remove the assignment you press on the same + icon, select all duties and press Remove Vehicle.

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