Assign and remove a hire duty to a supplier

Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on Agenda or Vehicles scheduler, or open the reservation that contains the hire duty you want to work on.

You can only assign bookings with a single hire duty to a supplier. To do this you have two ways: 
  • right-click on the hire duty and select Assign vehicle.

  • in the Agenda and in the booking, click on the vehicle icon inside the vehicle column.

In the Vehicle availability window, select the Suppliers option and select one from the list. Suppliers whose names are green are those connected with Sengerio.

When you assign a hire duty to a supplier, it is outlined in your Vehicles scheduler which is visible in a row for the vehicle typology of that hire duty.

To assign a vehicle associated with a supplier, in the Vehicle availability window, select the vehicle option and choose a supplier’s vehicle in the list.

Alternatively, in the Vehicle planner, drag the hire duty onto the timeline so that it corresponds to the supplier’s vehicles. As you select the hire duty you want to drag, its duration is graphically displayed on the timeline as a green band and lets you see at a glance if there are intersections with other hire duties and which ones are the available vehicles.

If your supplier has a Sengerio account and you are connected, you can see the status of the assignment in the Agenda or Vehicle planner by observing the color of the supplier name and the icon to the left.

If the icon is a padlock, it means that the assignment must still be shared with that supplier. If this is the case, your supplier is unaware of this assignment or of any changes you make to it.

If the name of the supplier is in yellow, it means that the assignment was shared but not yet accepted or refused.

If the icon is a blue dot, it means that the supplier did not view that assignment or any subsequent changes made to the hire duty.

If the icon is that of a check, then he viewed the assignment and its possible changes.

If the name is black it means the supplier has accepted the assignment.

If the icon is that of a tick, then the supplier viewed the assignment and any changes.

If the name is red, the supplier has refused the booking, removed it, or managed the hire duty in another way.

As soon as the supplier assigns the driver to that hire duty, the name appears on your Agenda, next to the icon of a chain, and you can see the phone details.

To remove a supplier assignment, right-click on the row or segment of a hire duty and select Remove Vehicle. If you need to change the supplier assigned to a hire duty, you do not have to remove it; click Assign Vehicle, or drag the segment to another vehicle from another supplier, and the application will automatically remove and re-assign it!

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