Manage your places

Access the list of your places by clicking on the road icon in the main menu, and then on Places.

To add a new place, click on the + button.

Choose the correct Tag for the place you are entering and fill in all the required details.

If you need to verify whether the data you have entered is correct, click on Open Google Maps and compare them with those of Google.

To add the coordinates to your position, click on Define geographical coordinates.

If you know the latitude and longitude, insert them directly.

Otherwise, take the coordinates suggested by Google Maps (by clicking on Open Google Maps) and insert them manually.

When you finish, press Save.

It is important to know that, when you edit a place, if it had been used in a rate table to define a price per section, the changes made to the place are reflected in the rate table as well.

Places can be added from the Route tab of bookings and quotations.

Indeed, if there are no results you can insert and use them in an instant.

You can separate the business name, address and city with a comma, as shown in the image.

If you decide to insert a point without specifying any detail, keep in mind that to modify it (and add details such as an address, business, name, telephone, etc...) you will have to reopen using the Route tab or the Places list.

When using the Route tab, click on the blue arrow near the name.

When using the Places list, you can open the destination by double-clicking on the corresponding line, clicking on the blue arrow next to the City, or right-clicking (or pressing and holding, on the tablet) and select Open.

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