Manage the expenses incurred by the driver

Click on the Road icon on the main menu and select Bookings. Open up a specific booking

Go to the Costs tab within the booking by clicking on the arrow next to the Prices and selecting the corresponding item.

View the expenses that the driver entered and enter a new expense by clicking on the icon with the three dots, on the selected row.

In the window, insert a photo by clicking on the photo icon at the bottom, and fill in the fields with the necessary information.

When all the expenses are reported, you see the total amount of the expenses underlined. You will also see the amount in green when all the expenses have been reimbursed to the driver.

Go to the Driver Activity report to see the status of the Documented Expenses. When there are expenses present, you can see an underlined Yes to indicate that all the expenses of the booking have been accounted for.

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