Manage your vehicle’s refuelings
View a vehicle’s refueling list in one of the following ways:

  • Access its data and click on the Refuelings button at the top of the vehicle page.

From the Vehicles scheduler, click on the blue arrow next to the vehicle code and select Refuelings.

The list shows all the refuelings for a certain vehicle, inserted by you or your driver through the Sengerio Driver application.

To create a new refueling, click the + button at the top, enter at least the required data (Date, Made by, Quantity, Type). In the case of an internal refueling, specify also the Tank and a discharge from the tank will also be automatically registered.

You must also insert the completed miles of the vehicle at the time of refueling.
This value is reported in the vehicle’s records to keep the mileage automatically updated.

To modify a refueling, simply access it by clicking on the blue arrow or double-clicking on its row.

Clicking on the folder icon on the left of each refueling a panel at the bottom is shown. It shows the attachments and allows you to add new ones by the + button.

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