Specify the territoriality of a trip

Access Bookings by clicking on the Road icon on the main menu.

Open a specific booking and Click on the Prices tab and add a new "Abroad" row.

Press on the blue arrow in the Unit price column to define the single territory.

Make sure that you set the total distance of the trip and then add a row for each country traverse, with the + button, and specify the distance traveled.

When you press the Apply button, the total amount of the transport is divided in proportion to the distance travelled in domestic and foreign territory.

Keep in mind that the Abroad rows follow the Transportation rows. Therefore if you have only one  transportation row with the All code, then you can put only one Abroad; if there are more price rows for the transportation with their relative shift codes, you can put an Abroad row for each row of transportation.

Verify that each shift configured its distance. Go to the Operations tab and click on the button to modify the vehicle shift.

At the time that you invoice this booking, you will find two separate rows with the relative amounts already calculated in the invoice.

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