eSign - Guide for activation
eSign is abbreviation for 'Electronic Sign'. It is a very useful feature that allows the person who receives a document to not print it, sign it manually, scan it and then send back again at the sender.

Sengerio offers an integration with an external system called, who will provide the eSign feature .

To integrate Sengerio with, you have to do some preparations:

Register on the website, creating an account Business.

In the main screen, add a new folder and call it Sengerio Sign. Inside this folder, create another one and call it Sign Requests. Here is a brief video that will guide you during this step.

In Sengerio, click on the Admin app on the left menù and then on Subscription. Scroll the page down until you find the subscription Sengerio eSign Integration, then click on License Detail. In the window that opens, click on Activate License and complete the flow confirming the permissions requested. This brief video will help you.

Now you are ready to use the eSign of!

To request an eSign, follow this guide article eSign - How does the request eSign work.
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