How to assign vehicles, drivers and suppliers

Regardless of whether you are working on a booking, a quotation, or a journey, allocating resources always works the same way.

Whenever you want to cover a duty with a driver (or an assistant), you will have to choose one from the availability window.

This window shows only the human resources available in the period of time occupied by that duty, if a resource does not appear it means that activity already registered overlaps.

The vehicles work exactly in the same way.

If you want to assign the duty to a supplier (only possible in bookings), in the availability window you must select Suppliers at the top, and choose one.

There are three points within Sengerio where you can manage assignments, and you can always choose the most comfortable for you depending on the situation.

  • Form
Inside the form (booking, quotation, and journey) access the Operational tab to manage all the duties of the service.

Click on the vehicle or human resource icon to open the corresponding availability window.

Alternatively, right-click on one of the duties and select one of the items among Assign vehicle, Assign driver and Assign assistant.

  • Agenda
The agenda allows you to have an overview of all the duties that cover a specific day.

Just like in the form, here too you can use the vehicle and human resource icons, or right-click and select one of the corresponding items.

  • Scheduler
Sengerio provides you with two schedulers, one for drivers and one for vehicles, with which it is possible to have a graphic representation of all the services of a certain period, their temporal organization, and their coverage status.

As in the two previous cases, it is possible to use the right-click to assign the resources, both from the duties already assigned (central panel) and from the duties to be covered (grid at the bottom).

The real potential of the scheduler, however, lies in being able to drag a duty (already covered or to be covered) on any of the resources to assign it immediately.

Keep in mind that this is a generic guide and that there are, if necessary, other more detailed guides on each of the aspects addressed here (agenda and scheduler, assignment of drivers, vehicles and suppliers, etc.).

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