Insert an issue on the road in a booking

To insert an issue on the road, click the Issue button that you find in the Route tab inside the booking.

Enter the various data such as, for example, the type of incident and its level of severity.

All the issues on the road created are reported in a list in the Route tab, marked by the lightning icon

To view all the bookings in which there is an unresolved issue on the road, you can, from the bookings list, show the column issue on the road and use the appropriate filter.

To signal a resolved issue, or to specify the solution, set the status to Closed.

Doing this, the item in the list will be evident in green.

Finally, to have a detailed report of all the issues, open and closed, click on the Issues on the road item inside the menu marked by the Road icon.

Here, for example, you can export the information to Excel.

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