Manage the options due dates

Click on the road icon in the main menu and select Options due dates.

The red notification indicates the number of due dates that are incoming or have passed. If there are no notifications, the red notification is not visible.

The presented list is sorted by the Expiration date field. In addition, the list is filtered to show only the options that have expired or are expiring within the next 24 hours.

The expiration date is colored in red if already past, in orange if coming, and in black otherwise.

Remove the filter on the expiration by selecting Show all in the options at the top. You can reapply the filter by selecting Expired and Expiring in the next 24 hours (default option.)

To remove a row from this list and its relative notice, the affected quotation must be confirmed, closed, or have the option removed. Click on the blue arrow beside the number, or double click on the row, to open the quotation.

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