Use section templates
Section templates are a useful instrument to speed up creation quotations or bookings where the route is repeated.
In this guide, we will see the creation and use of templates separately.

  • Template creation
To create a template, access a quotation or a booking  and click on the icon with the three dots below the route and select Section templates

In the window that opens, click on + and choose the pick-up and drop-off places. 

Also specify the duration and distance of the trip, which are then automatically shown when the template is used. 

  • Using the template
To create a template, access a quotation or booking and click on the icon with the three dots under the route and select Section templates

Alternatively, you can click on the location field of an empty route point and type the character "/". In both cases, the template window will open. 

To choose the template to use, you can scroll through all the lines, or filter on pick-up and drop-off through the text fields at the top.

Once you have selected the template click on Continue.    

In the following window, you can specify if the section that you are setting up should overwrite an already existing one, or position it above or below it. 

In the case of rapid opening with the "/", the default option will be overwriting. 
Additionally, you must set up the date and hour of departure of this section. 

Enabling the "Show rate table", a click on Continue will automatically search for a rate table for the trip and, if found, will show the results that can be chosen. 

In the case where there is a place like Airport, Port or Train station inside the template, you can specify the flight (or train or ship) code in addition to the date and time.

Finally, when a place such as Airport, Port or Train station is the second point, when the template is applied, that date and time set up will always be set on the flight (or train or ship) but the point of the corresponding route will instead have an advance of 120 minutes (two hours) fixed.

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