Enable the Sengerio Driver App for your driver

To allow your driver to use the Sengerio Driver App on the phone, access his/her data, and in the General tab, click on the option Enabled access next to Sengerio driver and save.

The first time that it is configured, Sengerio sends an email to the address specified in the Email field, which contains the log-in information.

You can't access as a backend user and a driver at the same time using the same device and the same browser. We suggest you to use the pc to enable the Sengerio Driver App and a phone to access as the driver.

Remove the tick labelled 'App enabled' if you want to prevent access to a driver who had been disabled. Doing so deletes its user account.

Keep in mind that to re-enable access you can simply click on the switch again and save. In this case,  a new user account will be created for the driver.
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