Invoice one or more quotations
Invoicing a quotation can have many uses.  For example, you can issue a Pro Forma invoice for a quotation with the request for the balance with a credit card.  When you receive the payment from the customer, change the Pro Forma into a tax invoice, confirm the trip and if you like, you can also send the booking confirmation together with the invoice to the customer.

To issue a new invoice for one or more quotations, open the quotation list and select all the rows that you want to include in the invoice.

Pay attention to choose the quotations of the same customer.

Click on Invoice in the menu, and the window that opens, choose the option to create the invoice rows from those available, and press on the Continue button.

Sengerio creates a new invoice and enters the invoice rows according to the selected type:

  • One row per trip
For each booking that you select, an invoice row relative to the Passenger Transport (vehicle price) plus a row for each Additional Expense, Extra or Abroad in the booking, as you can see by the image below.

  • Rows with grouping of trips
An invoice row is created for each VAT code.
This is the sum of all the rows relative to the passenger Transport that have that VAT code. 
The same are made for the Additional Expenses, the Extras and the Abroad rows. 
In the Group column you can see the grouping criteria used.

  • Rows with grouping of trips by date
The price rows are grouped by departure date of the quotation, by type (Transport, Expenses, Extras, Abroad)  and by VAT code.

  • Rows woth grouping of trips by reference
The price rows are grouped by the quotation reference, by type (Transport, Expenses, Extras, Abroad) and by VAT code.

In all cases, in addition to generating the invoice rows, the customer, the series and the payment options are set.

You just to make the change that you deem necessary and Save.

If you want to invoice a single quotation you can access the date of that quotation and click on Invoice from the menu inside it.

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