Activate GPS tracking on your vehicles
To enable vehicle tracking on Sengerio, first of all you have to activate the specific license from the Admin page.

Access Admin from the main menu on the left.

Click on Subscription and activate the Tracking license.
Activation of this license is independent of the status of other licenses.

Once the license is active you need to access the list of roles and enable the Tracking app for the roles you want, for example Superuser.

When the license and the roles are configured, access the Tracking App.

Click on the + button on the top left to create a new device.

Click on the Name field to search for the vehicle in which you want to register the GPS Device.
The search is made among the vehicles that belong to group selected in the previous panel, and that you can see above the Name field.
The name of the GPS Device will be created automatically based on vehicle code and plate 
In the Identifier field insert the code of the specific tracking device you use.
Press on Save to create the device.

The registered devices, together with their status (online / offline), are visible in real time on the map after their first activation.
Click on any device in the list or on the map, and then on the pencil icon that shows in the popup, to edit or delete that device.

You can edit the identifier and save, or you can delete the device by pressing on Delete in the burger menu.

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