Organize invoice rows

Click on the Calculator icon on the main menu and select Invoices. Open an invoice.

To change invoice rows, access the specific invoice you wish to modify and select the tab Invoice rows.

To add a row manually, click on the +. To remove it, click on the trash.

Every time that an amount or tax code is set, all of the other amounts are recalculated based on that. This includes discount rates and tax.

Please note that in special cases, as a result of the calculations, you can get a gross amount with a difference of + or - 0.01. The solution in these cases is to insert a rounding row with an amount of + or - 0.01.

If you use the system to automatically generate an invoice for many grouped bookings, invoice rows are created that are the summary of more detailed rows.

In the Group column, you can see the criterio of grouping and you can access the list with the group details.

Click on the name of the Group to access the detailed rows. Any change to the detail rows will be reflected in the invoice rows when you press the Continue button.

Remember that the VAT code cannot be modified because it is itself the principle criterion of the group.

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