Manage the operator for a service, invoice or credit note

To choose the operator in a service, open a booking or a quotation from their respective lists.

You can change the operator by choosing one from the list in the Operator field.
You can choose your own company or a Sub-account.

The same applies also to Invoices and Credit notes.

During this operation, it's not possible to change the operator of a service or an invoice.

In this case, Sengerio shows you one of these messages:

#2253 - Oops! You can change operator only for not invoiced bookings.

This message can appear when changing the operator of an already invoiced booking.
In this case, you must first delete the invoice connected to the booking, followed by changing the operator.

Finally, generate the invoice again.

#2254 - Oops! One booking has a different Operator than the invoice.

This message can appear when trying to create a new invoice. In this case, you must assure that all bookings that you are invoicing have the same operator of the invoice you are generating.

Indeed, if you want to change the operator in the invoice you must first change it in connected bookings and repeat the invoice generation.
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