How to connect with a Business Partner

To connect with a Business Partner, you need to contact the companies you want to work with and ask them to share their Account Code with you.

The Account Code is a code that any business partner can find in their Sengerio area, on the Admin app, and can be shared both for their own account and for any of the subaccounts.
As for your account code, this will be visible at the top together with the various account information, as soon as you log in to the Admin app, and is always preceded by the '@' character.
For subaccounts, you need to reach the list and then see the code for each one as for the main account.

Once you have the code, click on the Connection icon in the menu at the top right, then press the Connect button.

In the following window insert the code and specify the manager of the connection.
Basically you can decide if you want to connect your main account or one of your subaccount to that business partner.

Proceed and you will see some information regarding that Business partner. Press the blue connection button to confirm.

At this point the Business partner you requested the connection will just need to accept your invite.

Form the list of their Connections in the top right menu voice, they will just have to click on Pending Invite in the central part and lastly on the button Accept.

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