How to connect with a Business Partner

To connect with a Business Partner, you need to ask him to share his Account code with you.

The Account code is a code the Business partner can found in his area of Sengerio, in the Admin app, near his own local settings.

Contact the companies you want to work with and let them give you their Account code.

Click on the Connection icon in the menu at the top right, then press the Connect button and enter the company's Account code.

In the screen that opens, you will see some informations regarding the Business partner. To request the connection click on the Connect button near the company's name.

At this point the Businee partner you requested the connection will just need to accept your invite.

To do so, they just need to go in their Connections in the top right menu voice, then they'll have to click on Pending Invite in the central part and lastly on the green button Accept.

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