Plan your driver and assistant hire duties

This guide explains in detail the scheduling of driver duties. For assistants, the procedures are similar, except for those done through the use of the Scheduler.

Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on Agenda or Driver Scheduler, or open the booking that contains the duty you want to work on.

To assign a driver duty you have several options depending on where you are:

  • From the Operative tab, click on Assign next to the driver name

  • From the Agenda and Driver Scheduler, click on Assign in the Driver column

In either case in the Drivers Availability window that opens choose one from the list by clicking on it.
Keep in mind that this window only shows drivers that are actually available for the duty you have selected.

In the Scheduler, you can also drag the duty onto the timeline on the line corresponding to one of your drivers.
As you select the duty you want to drag and drop, its duration is shown graphically on the timeline via a green band, allowing you to tell at a glance if there are intersections with other duties and what drivers are available.

From the booking operative tab you can at any time change the assignment by simply clicking on the driver name, or you can remove the assignment by clicking on the x icon to its right.
From the agenda or driver scheduler you can press on the driver name and select the action you are interested in choosing between removal or replacement.

If you need to see all the duties for a trip, or perhaps assign/remove them in bulk you can press on the + next to Assign (The + is only present if there are actually multiple duties).
Alternatively you can use the right button and press on Show driver duties.

In the window that pops up, select the duties you want and click on Assign Driver, then proceed as usual, or on Remove Driver.

When you assign a driver and he uses Sengerio Driver, you can easily see the status of the assignment.

If the name is in light blue and it has the sharing icon next to it that means that the assignment has still to be shared  with that driver. In this situation the driver does not see the assignment nor any changes you make on it. 
To share it you can click on the sharing icon or you can click on Share on the top of the page.

If the icon is a blue circle that means the assignment has been shared but the driver has not seen it yet.

If the icon is an empty circle that means the has seen the assignment.

Finally, if the icon is an orange circle that means there has been some changes in the assignment that driver has not seen yet.

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