Plan your driver and assistant hire duties

This guide explains the details of how to plan a driver's shifts. This procedure is similar for the assistants, except it is carried out using the Scheduler.

Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on the word Agenda or Drivers scheduler or open the booking that has the relevant available shifts.

To assign a shift to a driver, there are several ways to proceed depending on where you are in Sengerio:
  • In the Scheduler, drag the available shift to on the corresponding timeline to that of your desired driver/s. When you select the shift that you want to drag, it is plotted on the timeline with a green band which allows you to clearly see if there are any overlaps with other shift duties of that driver. You will also see which drivers are available.

  • In Agenda, click on the icon of the person in the Driver (or Assistant) column to open the list of available human resources.

Or if you need to have a preview of all the hire duties of the trip or journey you want to cover, use the right mouse button to make the assignments.

  • In bookings, click the icon of the person in the Coverage column, on the operational tab.

  • Alternatively, select the word Assign driver (or Assign assistant) from the menu that you can open with a right click on the hire (or hold, from the tablet.)

The Driver availability window only shows the available drivers in alphabetical order and for each of them:

  • The destination where the previous hire duty finished and the amount of time between the previous hire duty and the next hire duty.
  • The destination where the next hire duty starts and the amount of time following the completion of that hire duty until the successive hire duty.
Use the text field at the top to search for a specific driver in the selected group or scroll the list and manually select the driver.

View the status of an assignment of a driver in the Agenda or in the Driver Scheduler.

If you see the three-dot icon next to a name, it means that the assignment has yet to be shared  with this driver. If this happens, your driver is not aware of this assignment and any changes you have made to it. You can click on the dots to share it or go to the share menu at the top of the page. 

If the icon is a blue dot, the hire duty has been shared but that driver hasn’t viewed it or the subsequent modifications.

If the icon is a tick, the driver has successfully viewed everything.

If the icon is a red dot, it means that there has been a change in booking details and the driver has not yet seen the changes.

To remove an assignment from a driver, right-click on the row or on the segment of the operation (or press and hold, on the tablet) and select Remove driver.

If you have to change the vehicle assigned to a shift, it is not necessary that you remove it! Click directly on Assign driver or drag the segment to another driver, and the software corrects the change to the new assignment automatically!

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