Pay for subscription by bank transfer
In addition to credit card, Sengerio's subscription can be paid by bank transfer.
To do this, first you need to access the Admin app from the main menu on the left.

From the Subscription section, open the Payment tab.

Press on the Transfer button to get the information needed to generate your transfer.

You will be shown a confirmation window with the amount to be paid.
Click on Generate to continue.

The transfer details window contains brief instructions and all the data needed to create the transfer. You will have to be careful to set the specified amount and, as the reason, exactly what is written in the Reference field
If necessary you can print this data with the Print button at the bottom.

(Please note: the value of the reference, to be set as the reason, will change each time you need to make a new wire transfer payment, and you should set it accordingly)

Once you have made the transfer, all you have to do is wait for it to reach Sengerio.
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