Manage list columns

To change the position of a column, drag it by the heading and place it where you prefer with respect to the other columns, or drag the right edge to expand or make it smaller.

Clicking twice on the right edge of a column automatically sets its width according to the length of the contained text. When you move a column, it keeps its original dimensions.

Keep in mind that some specific grids don’t allow this modification to the columns.

Manage which columns to display and which to hide. Hover your mouse over the heading of any column and click the grey arrow on the right, select Columns and choose those you want.

Each grid has at least one column that cannot be hidden and therefore does not appear in the list.

Your choice of whether to show or hide columns is maintained on the computer for subsequent access to Sengerio.

To return the grid to its original state, you must  Restore default settings.
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