Manage invoice payments

Click on the Calculator icon on the main menu and select Invoices. Open an invoice.

Access the data of an invoice, select the tab Invoice Rows, and scroll down to Payment button.

There are four options for a customer invoice and only one (the first) in the case of a supplier invoice (you can not use stripe to make payments to a supplier).

Click on + Payment / register payment to manually register a payment made.

The Date and Amount paid are the mandatory fields and are filled by default with the current date and the unpaid amount of the invoice. Once you have entered the data, click Continue and save the invoice.

Click on the Pay with credit card button with the Stripe icon. to have your customer pay directly with a credit card (If they give you the credit card details). 

The status of the payment is shown in the list of payments automatically.

A successful payment has the Success status.

A failed payment is canceled.

Click on the button online payment request with the Stripe icon to enter a request for payment of the invoice document (You will send an Invoice with a payment request to the customer and they will enter the credit card details).

The payment request entered is displayed at the bottom of the invoice document sent to the client.

Stripe requires the insertion of an Email to send the receipt of the payment, and the card information.

To view the list of registered payments on the Invoice, click on the blue arrow in the Amount Paid field.

All the payments are visible on the list. 

To delete a payment, click on Delete near the payment.

In addition, you always have the possibility to consult the list of all Payments Received or made, regardless of the invoice.

Find out more about the List of payments.

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