Manage the human resource absences

View the list of absences in one of the following ways:
  • access a specific profile and click on the Absences button.

From Driver scheduler, right-click (or hold, on the tablet) on an absence of the driver who you are searching for and select Open.

From Driver scheduler, click on the blue arrow next to the last name of a driver and select Absences.

From Human resources requests in the due date center, double click on a row, right-click (or press, on the tablet) and select Open, or click on the blue arrow next to the name.

To insert a new absence, click on the + at the top of the list, insert the date, the Type (choosing from Sick, Annual leave, Leave, Rest, or Weekly rest) and, if you want, a description.

If the dates overlap with one or more assignments of that human resource, the system warns you and does not allow you to save that absence.

To change an absence, click on the field that interests you, write the new data and save. To delete it, click on the word Delete in the menu.

The absence of human resources is considered during the calculation of availability, therefore for the full duration of the absence, the resource will not be shown as available.

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