Sengerio Driver – Manage the refuelings

To view the list or add a new refueling, click on the button Refuelings at the bottom of the agenda.

The viewed list contains all of the refuelings made, internal and external, and shows the different data depending on the type of it.

To enter a new refueling, click on the + button at the top right, and select the type from the menu that appears.

Select Tank for an internal refueling.

Fill the Type, Vehicle and Tank fields, selecting from the list of existing ones, specify the amount of fuel put in and save.

Select Petrol station for an external refueling.

Fill the fields Amount, Currency, Method of payment, specify the quantity of fuel put in and save.

You can add one or more photos clicking on the folder icon at the bottom.

Click on a refueling already made to edit the entered data.

Scroll down to view a greater number of refuelings made, if present.
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