Manage numerical series

Sengerio allows you to manage independent numerical series for trips, invoices, and credit notes.

For this example, the guide uses an invoice. However, all the series works in the same way.

Click on the Calculator icon in the main menu and select Invoices.

To manage the numerical series of an invoice, you must insert the series during the creation of the invoice.

To begin creating a new invoice, click on the + button to create a new invoice.

Access the drop-down menu list of Serie and click the pencil icon at the bottom.

In the window, click the + to create a new series, or click on an existing row to modify it, keeping in mind that only a few fields can be modified after you have saved the series.

To create more than one numerical series for the same period, you have to define a Prefix and/or Suffix, specific for that series.

Two years after the referenced period, the series is automatically blocked, or you can lock them automatically at any time.

Once you have completed your changes, save and close the Series window.

To show the changes in the invoice, the drop-down menu list of Serie and click on the icon next to the pencil to refresh.

When you use a Series, Sengerio suggests that you the first number to use (the one specified in the field Next No.).
The next time you use the same series, the next number in the sequence will be suggested, and so on.

During the creation of the invoice, you can also modify the number manually, if necessary.

Please also note that to create a document today, it is not possible to use a series whose period is different from the current year, even if it is a trip whose travel dates belong to the next year, what matters is the creation date.
Example: I create a trip in 2022 that starts in January 2023; I can't use the 2023 series, but I still have to use the 2022 series.
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