Configure additional expenses in the rate table

When making a quotation or booking, when you choose the rate table, you have the possibility to use additional expenses that are already set.

To set these expenses, access the tab Prices of any booking or quotation, click on the Description of any row that has the type Expenses (or add one if needed). Then click on the pencil icon inside the expenses list.

By doing that you will access the grid of Additional expense types.

Click on the + button to create a new type of additional expense and enter, together with the other data, the Vehicle typology and a Location. For the location, you will have to choose among the geographical areas you have drawn.

You can also enter a Route point type (Pickup or Drop-off)

Once this is done, create a new quotation or a new booking to use it automatically.

If one of the Locations entered, together with the Vehicle Typology, overlaps with those included in the additional types of expenses, the expense will be added automatically.

If the Type of Route Point has been specified, it must overlap as well.

To see the details of the rate table, together with the expenses that have been added, open the Prices tab and click on Show Rate Table

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