Manage the Attestation of Activity

Go to the calendar icon on the main menu and click on Attestation of Activities

In this list, you find all the activities for which you can create an attestation of activity, and you can also filter on dates and select a period of time.

Select the activities you need and click on Generate attestation.

Choose a Language for the document and a Responsible person

Click on Print preview, and if it's all right, then click on Print on the top right.

To print the attestation of a single activity, go to the Drivers scheduler, right-click (or hold, from a tablet) on the activity in question and select Attestation of activity.

In the window, select Language and Responsible, and click on Print Preview.

Sengerio generates a document compliant with European Standard (EC) no. 561/2006 and automatically fill it with the necessary data, including the information of the company, responsible person, and driver to which the document is addressed. It also ticks in the box in relation to the type of activity.

Sick type Absence, step 14 of the document is checked

Annual leave absence, step 15 of the document is checked

Leave absence, step 16 of the document is checked.

Exempt 561 option is selected, a check is made in step 17. This option is selected in the Booking Details.

Other activity, item 18 of the document is checked.

Here’s an example

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