Invoicing to the subcontract customer
The subcontract customer invoicing is done when an Account of Sengerio configures a Subaccount and between the two subjects happens an exchange of services in a subcontract.

To have a better understanding, let's immagine this scenario: the company Bus A has as Account inside Sengerio and chooses to configure a Subaccount Bus B to  manage in a single work area both companies. If Bus A confirms a trip to one of his customers and then assigns to that trup a vehicle owned by Bus B, the latter need to fiscally emit a customer invoice towards Bus A. In this commercial relationship, Bus A becomes the subcontract customer of the subcontract with Bus B.

To emit a subcontract customer invoice first make sure to have assigned  a vehicle owned by the Subaccount to the trip, then go to the supplier trips list.

Find the row corresponding to the trip you want to invoice, then click on the Invoice menu voice on the top.

You can also select more trips together, but keep in mind that every one of them must be assigned to vehicles owned by the same Subaccount.

In the window that opens, select Invoice to subcontract customer and then click on Continue.

Sengerio generates a customer invoice, presets the invoice rows, and also automatically selects the customer and the operator!

At this point you just need to do the modifications you find necessary and save the invoice.

The subcontract customer invoicing has the same functionalities of the customer invoice and is listed in the customer invoices list.

To view the subcontract customer invoicing status from within a trip, go to the Costs tab and look for the field named Subcontract customer invoicing.

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