Manage downtimes of one of your vehicles

View the list of downtime of a vehicle by one of the following methods:
  • access its data and click on the Downtimes button at the bottom in the General tab

  • Access Vehicle scheduler, right-click (or hold, on the tablet) on downtime of the vehicle that interests you and select Open.

  • From the Vehicle scheduler, click on the blue arrow beside the vehicle code and select Downtimes.

To insert a new downtime, click on the + at the top. All of the fields are required.

To modify a downtime, click on the field that interests you, write the new data and save. To delete it, click on the word Delete in the menu.

If a vehicle has a downtime registered in a certain period, it will not appear in the list of resources available for the assignments.
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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2022