Manage downtimes of your vehicles
To view a list of your vehicles' downtime, select the Downtimes item from the main menu.

The list shows all of your vehicles' downtime. From here you will be able to create and edit your vehicle downtimes.

To create a new hold click on the + button at the top left of the list and fill out the appropriate form. All fields are required.

To create a downtime from the Vehicle Scheduler, right-click (or hold, from tablet) on the vehicle row you are interested in and click Create downtime.

To edit a downtime click on the field you are interested in on the specific form, type in the new data and save.
To delete it, open it and click Delete in the menu, or right-click on the Downtime and select Remove.

If a vehicle has a recorded downtime in a certain period, the vehicle will not appear in the list of resources available for allocation for that period.
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