Add payments from the invoice list

From the customer invoice list, select all of the invoices that you want of a particular customer and select the word Payment from the menu.

The window shows the total balance of the selected invoices. Enter the required data and click on Next.

The next step, at the top, is the amount you entered in the previous step or, if greater than the balance, the total balance of the selected bills.

The rows below are placed in the order in which you selected them and the payment works as follows:

  • The Amount is applied to the Balance of the first invoice and is marked as Amount Paid. Any excess amount is applied to the next invoice and so on

You can change the amount at any time by going back to the Previous step.

You can also change the amount paid on the various invoices, and in this case, the Amount field is updated with the sum of all paid amounts.

When saving, the payment is registered inside each of the involved invoices of the specified sum.
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