Request a quotation from suppliers
Before assigning a service to one of your suppliers through Sengerio, you have the possibility to request a quotation from multiple suppliers and then choosing the one you think is most convenient.

Open the service you are interested in and click on the conversations button in the upper right corner.

Click on Request for quotation.

The window that opens shows all the suppliers connected through Sengerio.
Select the ones you want to request a quotation from, and hit Send request.

Also set a deadline for your request, from a minimum of three hours to a maximum of three days.

All selected suppliers receive an email, and a message within Sengerio.
To view your request they can click on the button inside the email or, directly from within Sengerio, press on Messages in the top bar.

Clicking on the message with the subject Quotation request opens the trip form where all the information such as the number of passengers, schedules, etc... are shown.
On the right within the conversation, there is a Make a quotation button.

The supplier can specify the price in detail in the way he prefers, adding extras or additional expenses if necessary.

Each time a supplier gives their quote, you receive an email and a message within Sengerio.
Click on Messages in the top bar to see the message with the subject Quotation.

Click on the message to access the service, and check the conversation on the right for details of the price specified by that supplier.
At all times, in the top bar of the conversation, there is a summary of how many suppliers have already given you the quotation, and what the lowest price is so far.

By clicking on it also you will be able to see the price made by each.

All you have to do to accept one of the quotations is to press the Accept quotation button within the conversation with the specific supplier who proposed it.

At this point, the booking will be assigned to that supplier, who will only need to confirm that they agree to perform the service.

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