Read messages from the board

To view the board in the Sengerio Driver application, click on the Board in the bottom of the Agenda.

If there is a circle with a number it means that there are posts you have not yet viewed and the number indicates how many.

Keep in mind that from the Sengerio Driver application, it is only possible to view the posts, not to write them.

Here below you can see an example of how to view a post.

If a post has an attachment, click on it to open it full screen, or in the case of an image, to download it.

Normally, the last ten posts are displayed, to see previous ones click on the Show more button below.


In addition to the normal messages, on the board you can also find "permanent" files, which your operator has uploaded and made available to the drivers.

To see these files just access the board and click on the Files tab.

Here you can find all the files that have been made available.

When there are many files, you can sort them by name or by date of insertion, simply by clicking on the column name File name or Created at.
By clicking once, an ascending sort is applied, by double clicking a descending order, and by clicking three times the sorting is removed.
The current sort order, if any, is indicated by an arrow icon (up or down) next to the column name.

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