Ask for support to the Sengerio team

If you are working on Sengerio and you need help using one of the tools of the application, or if you need to ask us anything, you can use the chat integrated in Sengerio.

  • If you are using Sengerio from a computer or a tablet

To open the chat click on the question mark icon on the side menu and on the chat with us button.

Select contact and click Start conversation.

If we need to see exactly what's going on in your Sengerio, we will ask you to activate one of the remote support tools that we implement:
  1. is an external service we use for the support service.

When you contact us, we are able to connect and see your Sengerio; you will only have to allow us in the window that will open.

If you have contacted us by phone instead of using the chat, we will probably ask you for some information, like the Session_id, that you can find in the user form, by clicking on the top-right icon in the application, and then on your username.

  • If you are using Sengerio from a smartphone

To use the chat from a smartphone you just have to access your profile, by clicking on the icon in the top left near your name, click on the three dots icon, and select Contact Sengerio.

If it is necessary, we are able to see your screen exactly from your perspective.
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