Retrieve an email address in Sengerio

The feature explained here is available on quotations, bookings, customer and supplier invoices, refunds and business partners.

Sengerio gives you the possibility to retrieve an email address directly from a booking.

This is useful for when a customer asks you for changes to the service via email; so that you can contact each other directly through the booking.

To get the email address of the booking, click on Receive inside the booking.

Copy the generated address (by selecting it, or by clicking on the icon at the right of the address).

Now, the email address is automatically associated with the booking together with the notes.

We advise you not to disclose the email address and to use it in Bcc if necessary. This is to ensure that the recipient does not receive (even by mistake) unwanted emails from other sources.

Keep in mind that an antispam filter is active and so it is not possibile to receive more than 50 email on the same booking.
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