Manage your tanks

To access the list of tanks, click on the vehicles icon in the main menu, and then on Tanks.

At the top left, select the tank which you are interested in by clicking loads and unloads to visualize all tanks. You also visualize the residual stock of the tanks.

At any time you can access the tanks list by clicking on the pencil icon.

The window shows all your tanks.

You can edit the name of the already existing tanks, or add a new one with the + button.

Keep in mind that a tank cannot be deleted but it can be archived when you want. This is done by selecting the specific tank and clicking on Archive in the menu.

An archived tank won't be visible in the previous drop-down list and you cannot select it during the insertion of a new refueling schedule.

An archived tank can be restored by selecting and clicking Restore in the menu.

For each tank you can register a new load, modify an old one, or delete it.

You can’t modify the unloads, which are automatically updated when an internal refueling is made.

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