Manage supplier groups

Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on Agenda.

Open the supplier assignment window by clicking on the vehicle icon of a booking, or right-click and select Assign vehicle.

Then select the ‘Suppliers’ option

Click on the gear in the upper left. 

The list of your groups and the vehicles for each group is shown.

On the left side, you see the suppliers from the Default group, while on the right you see all the others.

To open or close the list of suppliers of a group, click the arrow next to the name.

To change the name of the group or delete it, right-click on it (or hold, on a tablet) and select the corresponding word. You can only delete empty groups and you cannot delete the default.

To move a supplier to a different group other than its current one just drag it on the name of the new group.

To copy a supplier and also keep it in the original group press CTRL while you are dragging.

The copy is recognizable by the asterisk after the name thus differing from the original. This can be deleted by selecting the word Delete from the menu that opens when you right-click (or pressing the button, on a tablet.)

To add a new group, click + at the top and choose a name.

When the window is closed, the page must be refreshed.

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