Configure the supplements of a rate table

To configure the supplements of a rate table, click on the Calculator icon on the main menu and select Rate Tables.

Open the specific rate table you wish to configure a supplement by clicking on the blue arrow next to the name. Or simply double-click on the rate table.

To configure the Supplements of a rate table, select the Supplements tab on a specific rate table.

A rate table can have two types of supplements, by Range (on specific days), or by Special Days.

You can select which elements of the booking the supplement is applied to by clicking on the Element field. From the menu, you can select which element to apply.

To configure supplements for the range, click + located under the same name grid, specify an element, time range, and indicate the percentage of the supplement for the day, or days, that you are interested in. You cannot enter a range that includes midnight.

The example below shows a Driver supplement of 10% from Monday to Sunday from midnight 6:00AM.

Once this rate table is saved you can apply it to a booking. To visualize the rate table within the booking, open the booking and click on Show rate table.

You are presented with a window that shows you the information of the rate table. You can see the specific element and the cost of the supplement that has been configured.

To configure supplements for Special Days click on + located under the same name grid, specify the day, a possible time range, and indicate the percentage of the supplement. If the time range is not specified, the entire day is taken into account.

In the example below, a 100% supplement on an entire day on December 25, is applied and from 23:00 of the previous day.

In the calculation of a supplement, the special day charge supersedes the hourly supplement. In the example just given, for December 25 a supplement of 100% will be applied, regardless of the day of the week in which it falls.
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