Configure a rate table applied to a Supplier
To configure a rate table for the bookings to a supplier, first create a new one or open an existing one.

In the Applicability field select Applied by selected suppliers.

In the grid at the bottom, add all the suppliers to whom you want to apply this rate table. 

You can also specify a discount for each supplier, if necessary. 

Once this is done, configure the rest of the rate table according to your needs, and save. 

To apply the rate table to a booking, a few steps are required. 
First, you must assign the booking to a supplier for whom you have configured the rate table. 
Once done, access the Costs tab and click on Show rate table

In the window that opens, select the rate table that you want applied and continue.

At this point, share the booking with your supplier who will see the prices that you configured.

Remember, if the supplier is the account or sub-account, the sharing is not necessary.
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