Manage the other activities of a human resource

View the list of other activities of a human resource in one of the following ways:
  • access its data and click on the Other Activities button at the bottom in the General tab.

  • From the Drivers Scheduler, right-click (or hold, on a tablet) on another activity of the driver that interests you and select Open.

  • From the Drivers Scheduler, click on the blue arrow next to the driver’s surname and select Other Activities.

To enter a new other activity, click on the + at the top of the list, enter the dates, and, if desired, a description.

If the dates overlap with one or more assignments of that human resource, the software will not let you save that activity.

To modify an other activity click, on the field you are interested in, enter the new data and save it. To delete it, click on the item Delete in the menu.

An Other activity type’s engagement is considered when calculating availability, so for the duration of the engagement, the resource is unavailable.

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